If you want to watch BBC iPlayer when outside of the UK abroad in countries like Spain or Australia, then you are going to need a VPN*. A VPN will allow you to switch your overseas IP address to that of one from the United Kingdom, so that geographically locked applications such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub will see that you are in the UK, when in fact you could be in any country in the world.

This technology has been used for well over a decade by millions of British people who are either overseas on holidays or living as an expat. When people are outside of the UK, not only TV apps will stop working but also poker and gaming websites. If you use Bet365 or Paddy Power, you will notice that these will also stop working abroad. A UK VPN will unblock and all you free access to all UK only services online when abroad.


Using a VPN is a great way of getting UK & US apps working abroad, however you will need to do something else in order for this to work successfully. GPS needs to be switched off, so you will need to go to your network settings on your device and switch off location services. This is pretty simple to do on most smart phones and tablets and will allow free access after.

If you require a VPN for watching TV apps such as BBC iPlayer abroad, we recommend Privatrax. This is one of the few that unblocks al of the TV apps from Britain and is actually pretty reasonably priced too at just £4.99 per month via PayPal. Nord and Express have both recently put up their prices and cost around double that at about £10 per month if you pay monthly. All VPN providers cut their prices virtually in half when ordering yearly though and so certainly worth considering. If you use coupon MATESRATES with Privatrax it knocks a good chunks off of the yearly price also, simply visit


Yes in addition to unblocking BBC iPlayer when abroad, using a UK VPN will also allow access to ITV Hub and Channel 4’s All4 apps when outside of the UK. This is great that you can access BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5 and all other British TV apps anywhere. UK Television content has always been popular overseas, particularly in countries where many British people have settled over the years such as Australia and Canada. Although you can watch British TV programmes locally on cable TV channels in these countries, the content is often limited and months, if not years behind the programming scheduling of the UK. If you really want to watch the same as those back home then you need to have the same technology access. VPN networks were originally used for office workers to access their office work servers from home, however the multiple uses of this technology soon came to light. When you use a VPN your IP address will be switched to one from a country location the same as where that actual server is located, so that you can appear as being anywhere in the world, from anywhere and as TV applications became a thing just over a decade ago, this technology really took on a new use.

In recent years using a VPN for TV unblocking has actually gone down a little and people are now focusing more on the other main uses. When you connect to the Internet using a VPN, you are gaining both internet security and anonymity. This means that when you are connected to the internet via a VPN on a public WIFI network, you are doing so via an encrypted tunnel, so that hackers will not be able to intercept your data if they are on the same WIFI network as you. When you are using a VPN, you will also have total anonymity, so that your ISP and local government authority will not be able to see what MP3 and AVI movie files you are downloading. It will also allow access to websites that appear to be offline, that are in fact blocked by your ISP, such as The Pirate Bay.

All in all using a VPN has many uses for both entertaining you and keeping you safe. If you would like a VPN for these uses, we recommend Privatrax, as they are one of the few that still unblocks BBC iPlayer and 95% of all UK, USA, Canadian and even European TV apps and websites in any country in the world. Use the coupon MATESRATES to get 25% off also at